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Wildlife Images Winter 2012

Humpback Whales in Cork

Went down to Cork last Friday to see the Humpbacks. Didn't see them bubble feeding or breaching but it was a lovely trip (apart from the swell).


Humpback Cork 1      Humpback Cork 2

Common Dolphins      Hunpback Cork

Humpback and dolphin 2

More Humpbacks Whales Here


The Waxwings are here

In some years there are hardly any waxwings, this year has been a good waxwing year for us. It is thought that this is occurs when the berry crop fails or isreally poor in Scandinavia. Here's a few shots taken in poor light (so I've brightened them!)

Waxwing with Berries      Waxwing with Berries

Waxwing with Berries      Waxwing with Berries


Another Sparrowhawk Encounter

I regularily go to friends private hide where he gets twice daily visits of Sparrowhawk which come in and try to kill the small birds. Although I've been there at least 50 times, I've only seen them sucessfully kill twice. Here is an image from two weeks ago, when the bird came in to his favourite perch. I've used this image in this years calendar which went to print yesterday!

Male Sparrowhawk

Hopefully will put a gallery together of other Sparrowhawk images, including the kill, some time soon.


Autumn Colours

Its that time of the year again when the soft golden browns hues of falling leaves mix with yellows and reds and the forrests become a world of colour. Here is a shot from last Saturday when the sun shone for a change. Hope you like it

Liffey Autumn


Dublin City Badgers

I had the opportunity to photograph some Badgers in a Dublin city park a few weeks back. The badgers have been coming to vist a garden that backs onto a park. Here they are getting their free dinner, however the best photographic opportunities were when they came out of the forest. Many thanks Ann.

Dublin Badgers

Badger Emerges Forrest   Badger Full length


More images next week, from over the summer months.


















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