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The News Icon on the main page is Redoubt volcano Alaska, smoking last August. I have added this image because volcanoes are in the News every day,with all the travel disruption.

41 Images added this month

In Galleries I have changed a few images:

Great crested grebe Red Kite Hedgehog Red Squirrel

In GC Grebe Features:

Great Crested Grebe Great Crested Grebe aggression GC Grebe Courting Great Crested Grebe Preening Great Crested Grebe Cat Display

Two New Feature Galleries have been added:

A Hares Gallery and a Gallery of Swans Courting

Irish Mountain Hare in Grass Swans Courting (27 New Images)

In recent Images:

Herons Courting Redpoll GS Grebe Sea Mouse Brown Rat