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December 2011

Added some Sika deer after a trip to Glendalough with the camera club. Also from another camera club outing was the gey squirrel from the Botanic gardens. Other new images of some birds and red squirrel in Autumn. They can all be found in Recent.


Coal Tit Eurasian Jay Red Squirrel Sika Deer Glendalough

Sika Deer Stag Grey Squirrel



Irish Photographer Of The Year 2010 - Andrew Kelly

After being short-listed by Magazines Ireland, it was a real pleasure to receive this award in recognition of the photography I have done for IWT magazine during the year. The award covers 110 magazines in Ireland representing all types of magazines from Image, U, RTE Guide, Cara, Hot Press, Sky Magazine etc..

Award Winning IWT Cover





























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