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January 2012

Over christmas, I sorted some of the 500 plus corncrake images on my harddisk. Generally, corncrakes lurk in amongst the nettles and many of the glimpses we get of them are of heads peering through the nettles. Hopefully I have given some variety here. Last year (2010) I managed to photographed several birds right next to the road in "An Baile Thiar" (West Village) on Tory. We didn't have to the road at all and so there was no disturbance of these beautiful and rare birds. (Pictures taken under licence nonetheless).

You can see the images in Birds


Corncrake Standing on Rock   Corncrake and Buttercup   Corncrake Ruffling Feathers  
Corncrake Calling on Rock with Buttercup   Corncrake with Blus Sky    
Corncrake Puffs Feathers   Corncrake Calling in Nettles   Corncrake With Head Down  
Corncrake Calling Eye Closed   Corncrake Yawning   Corncrake Calling in Grass  

My favorite shots are the corncrakes on the granite rock with the butercups. Note that when the corncrake calls, it closes a third eyelid. This membrane is called a nictitating membrane (nictare means to blink in Latin) and is normally drawn across the eye to moisten or protect it. However, it looks funny unless you know what it is. You will see this is many of the photographs.


Irish Photographer Of The Year 2010 - Andrew Kelly

After being short-listed by Magazines Ireland, it was a real pleasure to receive this award in recognition of the photography I have done for IWT magazine during the year. The award covers 110 magazines in Ireland representing all types of magazines from Image, U, RTE Guide, Cara, Hot Press, Sky Magazine etc..

Award Winning IWT Cover





























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