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News in Photography Sept 2010


12 September

Just came across this amazing gallery of aerial photography produced by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Here

5 September

Canon announce many news lenes including a very interesting looking fish eye zoom at the Canon Expo 2010 New York gallery. Also on show were a new L 70-300, new lighter 300 F2.8 , 400 F2.8 (formally a very heavy lens), 500mm (doesn't look much different but probably has IS improvments), 600mm this lenses need updating and was actually heavier than the 800mm. New 1.4X and 2X teleconverters described as being a huge improvment. The new 18 Mpixel 60D camera was also on show.

Also on display was a 120MP 1.3x sensor CMOS...things are going to get big!

3 September

National Geographic post a gallery of identical twins from Ohio city's annual Twins Days Festival

Identical Twins

18 August

Two Galleries from National Geographic worth a look:

Patterns in Nature: Mysterious Earth

Photo of the Day: Best of July 2010