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December 2010
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Irish Photographer Of The Year 2010 - Andrew Kelly

After being short-listed by Magazines Ireland, it was a real pleasure to receive the award of Photographer of the year in recognition of the photography I have done for IWT magazine. The award covers 110 magazines in Ireland representing all types of magazines from Image, U, RTE Guide, Cara, Hot Press, Sky Magazine etc..

Award Winning IWT Cover



New Starlings Images

Starlings murmuration Starlings Flocking Starlings Flocking Starlings Flocking Starlings Flocking


I put together a number of garden bird images that have been lying around for a long time.
The gallery can be seen at:

Chaffinch   Goldfinch   Starling   Blue Tit   House Sparrow   Robin   Dunnock   Redpoll  


Some recently added photographs added in the general photograph section

Beekeeper Sunflowers Biker Jupiter Dandelion


Just added an update to the Tutorials section in preparation for the coming workshop, this weekend. You can download the notes on the Tutorials page in the workflow part 1 and 2 sections. I have also included an Actions file to automate the process.




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If you haven't already looked at the winning images from BBC wildlife Photographer of the year, take a look at these amazing images. The website is very awkward to navigate, but worth persisting, Here

As if that wasn't enough, the Boston Globe has published a gallery of National Geographic images, called Great Migrations, see Here

Life's small wonders, Extraordinary and very unusual microscope images, Here

National Geographic publishes some rare images of a crocodile attacking an elephant, Here

Finally, The Frame has a very poignant gallery of "Veterans honoured and remembered" , Here

and another gallery of "Eid al-Adha, Feast of the Sacrifice" with some great people images. Here