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Starlings Going To Roosting

AT Bettystown

This really was the most incredible spectacle. If you have never witnessed the gathering of starlings at winter roosting sites, then I would strongly recommend trying to get to see this at least once. When three thousand starlings swoop overhead, there's an amazing swirling noise. When 150,000 starlings do it, you feel like you're immersed in the experience.  I was certainly mesmerised by the swirling shapes that continually formed, re-shaped and went away. My wife (Emma) described the experience as being like the Northern lights in black and white. The amazing Video footage was shot by Emma. View in Bettystown from Tescos.


Starlings Flocking at Dusk


Starlings Flocking before Roosting


Shape-shifting Starlings Flock Together Detering Predators






Starlings going to Roost


Starlings Enter Roost Like a Swarm of Bees


Starlings Flocking at Bettystown






See the Video of them on U-tube


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