Andrew kelly Wildlife and Landscape Photography
Great Northern Diver

Alaska Wildlife

Breaching Humpback


 Fighting Bears


Red Fox


Brown Bear Catches Salmon


Wolf with Salmon


Merganser Family


Great Northern Diver Portrait


The Three Little Bears


Humpback Fluke


Wolf Portrait   Ground Squirrel   Brown Bear Portrait   Salmon-Leap


These images of Alaskian wildlife were taken in late Summer 2009. We spent just 5 weeks (unfortunately) travelling from Katmai, to Denali, Kenai and through the Inside passage. Regardless of how its dressed up, it is pretty scary when you encounter a wild brown bear at 7am, while on your own and over a mile from the safety of your nylon tent that's surrounded by electric fence (which incidentially, is no protection). Alaska is the largest wildlife refuge in America and couple that with mountains and ice, it's hard to go wrong.