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Slovakia Wildlife Trip Gallery


Slovakia Wildlife Trip Gallery

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At the end of June, beginning of July, we took a 2 week walking/wildlife watching holiday in Slovakia. During the two weeks we went bear watching and I tried to do as much bird watching as possible. Although it rained for much of the second week, I managed to get some photography in during the first week. We also hired a wildlife guide for a couple of days. I will add a trip summary in a couple of days showing where we went and adding some semi-respectable record shots!



Brown Bear Climbs Tree Stump


Brown Bear, Slovakia


European Brown Bear


Displaying Storks


Storks Extending Neck


Spotted Nutcracker


Brown Argus


Black Catterpiller




Red-backed Shrike


Dark-green Fritillary




Yellow Foxglove


Alpine thistle [Carduus defloratus]


Adscita alpina Moth


Black Redstart


Fieldfare Eating Cherries


Heath Fritillary




Six-Spot Burnet


ScarseCopper Butterfly