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Koala Bear



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Koala Bear


Scientific Name:

Phascolarctos cinereus



Healesville Sanctuary, Australia





Although called Koala bears, Koalas are not bears at all but have a pouch making them marsupials. Koalas are normally coastal and feed almost entirely on eucalyptus leaves. Such a low enery diet means they are quiet sloth-like and sleep most of the time.

Although they became extinct in many parts of southern australia, they have since been re-introduced there and have thrived in some place like Kangaroo Island. Koalas were mainly killed for their fur, but are now protected by law.

It was on Kangaroo Island (where we stayed a week) that we did a walk called Koalas. In Australia, walks are often named on a sign with the time or distance, so we were really confused when we saw a sign that said, "Koalas 100m". Sure enough, we walked 100m, looked up and there were Koalas in the trees. Easiest walk we ever did. Pictures from here are below.