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Storks Displaying Gallery


Storks Displaying

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White Stork Chicks


Stork with Chich at Nest


Stork Tending to Nest


Storks displaying after returning to the Nest


Storks Displaying at Nest


White Storks Displaying at Nest


Storks displaying when returning to the nest.


Storks displaying when returning to the nest


White Stork Bowing


White Storks Extending Necks in Display


White Storks Crouch Forward in Display


Storks Regurgitating To Chicks at Nest


White Storks Chicks Being Fed


White Stork Regurgitates Food to Young





About the Photo Shoot

These images were taken in Slovakia, in a town called Hrabušice. One of the birds, possibly the male because it appeared larger, had been away from the nest for a considerable length of time. When it returned to the nest, both birds got very excited and started displaying to each other. As you can see from the photographs, this was a beautiful sight.

After a few minutes, the female left the nest to feed and the male started to regurgitate food for the chicks. Up until this point the chicks were not begging for food, however they were very excited about feeding.